Clean cars vs. corporate profit

The European Commission plans to impose mandatory limits for CO2 emissions from cars by 2012. Predictably, right-tilting media as well as car makers oppose it, saying voluntary limits, carbon trading, and technology can solve the problem. While those approaches may help, and while some corporations genuinely are moving towards being carbon-neutral, others aren’t. Mandatory, enforceable limits seem the best approach, and it would hardly be the first time a government has banned or mandated something. Here in the States, lead-based paint and asbestos in walls was banned long ago, as well they needed to be.

In the coming years, the push towards reversing global warming will highlight one of the primary conflicts – remediating global warming is in near direct conflict with the profit motive. As long as the short-term profit motive is allowed to trump the long-term interests of all, we’ll never solve global warming.

New ideas and new economic structures are needed.

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  1. Very good points… However, the time is now to stop this wasteful habits of our race worldwide. Their are technologies out their to do so without sacrificing conveniences. And BIG money will be made in the “Clean Tech” or “Eco Friendly” industry along with many jobs created. This wave is here and will make the internet wave look small time in comparison. Invest in the right Clean Tech company or your own idea and you will be wealthy and happy doing something good. See: for just company one idea of many. It is time for someone besides the oil company’s to be in power and wealthy, or if the greedy oil industry wants in then they need to invest in this clean tech industry or get left in the dust their choice. people are catching on to the oil industry and the politicians lies. Adapt to the times or get left behind always everyone has a choice.

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