4 thoughts on “The Right Stuff?

  1. Kinda makes for a crappy Sci-Fi B-movie in which an astronaut was infected by a psychopath love-sick space bacteria… direct to VHS (not even DVD) probably…

  2. Her behavior was so bizarre that it sure seems like meth psychosis.

    Maybe she could put the diapers on again, drive to SF, and hook up with the mayor, Gavin Newsom, who has been in the news a bit himself lately too? Just imagine the media frenzy…

  3. I don’t think even your Prius could make it 900 miles without stopping for fuel, Bob! I did wonder, given her appearance, if she didn’t seem a bit crank-y.

  4. Another thought: do you suppose Dubya has spent the past 5 years having cocaine flashbacks that might exlain his behavior?

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