Global warming expected to flood Indonesian islands

The environment minister of Indonesia says rising sea levels could put 2,000 of their islands underwater by 2030 and that “wild weather,” also due to global warming, will produce crop shortages next year.

Not all of those islands are inhabited, but this is a stark portent of what’s coming. Low-lying populated islands will have to be evacuated, with obvious major economic and personal repercussions.

This is what’s coming, in different forms, all across the planet. Massive dislocations of people and destruction of habitats, communities, and businesses will occur because of global warming.

Not only will the people on those islands have to be evacuated and new homes found for them, they can never ever go back home again because there will be no home to go back to. Further, they will become refugees on other islands, where they may or may not be wanted, competing for jobs and land. The political tensions this will cause are obvious.