The last gasp of the global warming deniers

They are beached on the shores of the wrong side of history, now abandoned even by Bush.

Yet this is not a time to gloat. It is time to appeal to them to join the fight for survival.

Deniers, the war is over. Join us as we try to reverse those odds and there may – just – be a chance you could be remembered with something other than contempt.

Huge work needs to be done, and fast. Leave the like of ExxonMobil and their multi-million dollar funding of global warming denial to their inevitable fate. They will not be able to change and thus will die as they are too stupid and pigheaded to make the change to renewables. Other oil companies, like BP, will and are making the change. Like it or not, reversing global warming will take billions of dollars and the expertise of huge corporations, it’s hardly something a few enviros on the edges can do alone.

CEOs of major US corporations are now also urging action on global warming, and this is a sea change too.

The battle is over and the enviros won. As in any movement, there will always be disagreement between the various factions about what to do, but the war for recognition that global warming is happening is over and the good guys won.