Dubya flip-flops on global warming (finally)

The Decider has at long last realized global warming is real, calling it a “serious challenge.” Does this mean he’ll fire the global warming deniers he’s installed all over DC? Tell his pals ExxonMobil to stop lying about it? Admit he put up a fog machine of denial about it for 6 years?

Well of course not. Rather he’s got a tepid non-mandatory plan to cut gasoline consumption. Sure, that’s a mild first step, but much more is needed. For example, we need to get rid of coal-burning power plants and go to renewable power for generating electricity. Cars should be mandated to have better fuel efficiency. Ditto for homes, businesses, schools, etc. We need to do more with less.

His plan is to use biofuels as alternate fuel, which will certainly give US farmers a huge boost. But there’s not enough biomass out there to fuel all the cars so costly conversion methods (and subsidies) will be needed.

Biofuel is one way to cut gasoline consumption. But it doesn’t really solve the problem. The better way is to increasing fuel efficiency, go to hybrids and EVs, and get mass transit everywhere in big cities.

And get rid of the coal plants.