Connecticut State Police targeted Krayeske

The Hartford Courant uncovers more on the police misconduct in the arrest of blogger/ journalist/ activist Ken Krayeske.

Hours before the controversial arrest of political blogger Kenneth Krayeske at Gov. M. Jodi Rell’s Jan. 3 inaugural parade, state police distributed copies of a full-color, two-page document describing Krayeske as an activist who had invited people to join him in a protest outside Rell’s inaugural ball that night.

Krayeske was arrested while standing on the sidewalk photographing the governor. He was held for 12 hours and given an outrageous $75,000 bail. That’s right, he was simply standing on the sidewalk, not doing anything illegal when they took him away – apparently simply for being an activist.

The document, containing color prints of Krayeske’s current and past driver’s license photos, made it seem as if “Ken Krayeske was public enemy No. 1,” said Rep. Michael P. Lawlor, a state legislative leader whose committee now plans to investigate.

Krayeske was campaign manager for Green Party candidate for governor Cliff Thornton. This arrest, and the state police enemies list, make difficult to believe this wasn’t politically motivated. Connecticut activists and bloggers have been mobilizing hard in support of Krayeske.

With investigations by both state legislators and major newspapers, the Connecticut State Police and the governor are finding themselves on the defensive. It’s not just bloggers who are on their case about this apparent abuse of the legal system.

Did the governor know about the enemies list? That’s the question many are asking.