Pelosi to create Select Committee on Global Warming

As predicted here when the Dems swept Congress, that while they won’t be much different on the wars, they will be sharply better on domestic issues and the environment. This new Senate committee on global warming demonstrates that.

Now issues of global warming will be discussed freely and receive the attention they should. The repressive junk-science hoisted upon us by the Flat Earth Society in the White House will be consigned to the trash bin of history where it belongs.

The Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, its full name, implies a maybe jingoist freedom from Mideast oil. But it can and should be much more than that. Full energy independence means electricity is homegrown locally from multiple sources, that consumption drops because all parts of the system are smarter and more efficient, and maybe most importantly, the internal combustion engine becomes a relic of the past.

What better way can there be to be free of dependence on foreign oil than by stopping use of the internal combustion engine? Because, in the final analysis, that’s where we’re going and that’s what’s needed.

The political and economic dislocations this will cause will of course be massive. Dinosaurs like ExxonMobil will fight until the end and then die. Other oil giants, like BP, are more enlightened and have already said their future lies in renewables not petroleum.

BP on Renewable and alternative energy

About 40% of the world’s CO2 emissions come from power generation, twice as much as from the transport sector. But almost half of the power plants that the world is expected to need by 2020 have not yet been built. As pressure mounts for action on climate change, we believe national and regional governments and local utility companies will increasingly look to build plants that use alternative, low-carbon, technologies.

ExxonMobil, meanwhile, funds global warming junk science with millions each year and does little if anything on renewables. It’s obvious that companies like BP will be the ones to survive. This also applies to other businesses, cities, countries, etc. The weather is getting freakish, so will economic and political conditions. Those who can change with the times will survive and thrive. Those who can’t, won’t.

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  1. For those of us schooled in the sciences this is an exciting time: we actually get to watch naturl selection in action.

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