Connecticut political blogs

Connecticut apologizes for George Bush

Our house here in L.A. is now for sale (photos coming), the broker walk-through is Tuesday. Once it sells, we’re on our way to Connecticut.

In preparation, I’ve been reading Connecticut blogs. They are an especially active bunch, with a genuine feel of community too.

Here’s some of them, this list is not meant to be inclusive.

My Left Nutmeg. “Where Connecticut Dems scratch that progressive itch.” (Connecticut is “The Nutmeg State, ” hence the name.)

Connecticut Bob Appears to be a local force of nature. Videos, opinions. Lively.

Connecticut Local Politics. “Connecticut politics and elections: coverage, analysis, maps and commentary.”

Caffeinated Geek Girl “Part Journal. Part Blog. 100% Caffeinated”

Connecticut Weblogs aggregates posts from Connecticut blogs.

Spazeboy covers progressive politics and enjoys tweaking Lieberman’s nose.

Building CT Green From AuctorVerno, “green building/green business marketing services firm that assists customers in developing strategies and setting goals that green their operation.”

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