Obama backs liquefied coal

And you thought Obama was an liberal enviro, right? But here he is, backing coal, about the most greenhouse-gas-producing, icecap-melting, and polluting way to make energy there is – all the while making unctuous noises about wanting to hug trees and promote biofuels. Yuck.

Just before Clinton was elected president in 1992 a prescient friend said to me, Bill Clinton is no liberal. The same is unquestionably true of Obama. He’s a corporate and big business friendly politico who, just like Clinton, popped out of nowhere with hidden, powerful backing in high places. His agenda is whatever pleases corporate America, with seriously working to reverse climate change, rather than just the occasional greenwash, not on the list.

We need real solutions for global warming, rather than more politicians who do photo ops hugging trees then favor planet-destroying energy schemes.