China and India face up to global warming

global warming symbol

Not only have India and China realized they have a serious problem with global warming they, unlike the irrational denizens of the White House, plan to do something about it.

India, another rapidly industrialising third world country, also warned yesterday that it and other developing countries, could not afford to copy the West’s “wasteful lifestyle“.

A Chinese report said

“If no measures are taken, in the latter half of the century, production of wheat, corn and rice in China will drop by as much as 37 per cent.”

Ponder if you will, the political and economic ramifications of that. Millions of hungry people, something that can only lead to unrest in the cities and countryside. One of China’s main problems is their rapid industrialization has led to large numbers of new power plants – and they all burn coal, which is notoriously bad for the environment.

There’s a human cost to this too, and it’s already happening.

In Australia, which also now understands global warming is happening, they are experiencing faster climate change than elsewhere, including a long, serious drought in some areas. This has resulted in barren farmland and a sharp increase in suicides among farmers.

And this is just the leading edge of global warming. Things are going to get worse. The US is the only industrialized country where the “leaders” do not accept that climate change is occurring. It’s also the home of hyper-predatory capitalism, where nothing must be allowed to interfere with making money. These two facts are quite intertwined.

To solve global warming, we need new economic systems where the good of all comes first, and where short-sighted greed is not allowed to wreak havoc on the planet.