Blogging and hosting

As I write this, all Blogger blogs are returning a “500 Internal Server error” which means about a zillion blogs, including some quite large ones, are down. This makes me realize this stuff can happen to any web hosting service. Last night this blog (and about 210,000 others) were down because our host, BlueHost, had to move their router across the parking lot from one building to another.

So, there is much gnashing of teeth in Blogger-dom now. Let’s hope Google fixes the problem quickly.

The Net is like phone service, it’s a basic part of our lives.


  1. Very frustrating for those of us who have something to post, and can’t. Curse you, free service! (not, as you point out, that paid service is any guarantee of anything in the digital world)

  2. I can access Blogger blogs but can’t post anything on mine or leave comments on others, trying to do so just prompts a 404 not found error. Apparently it’s all gown down for maintenance. This seems to be affecting Blogger beta blogs too. The Blogger bar at the top of these blogs is missing, replaced by what looks like the top of a Google page so its impossible to do anything with the blog or get any further information. Very frustrating!

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