Boxer takes a dive for AIPAC

Sen. Barbara Boxer, you know her, she’s supposed to be ‘liberal’, rescinded an award to a member of the Council on American-Islamic Relations because right wingers told her CAIR loves the terrorists, when in reality CAIR has long been known as a moderate group.

From Lefti on the News.

[The CAIR homepage] features such things as “National and Worldwide Muslim Condemnation of Terrorism,” “CAIR backs Fatwa against Terror,” a public service announcement and a petition entitled “Not in the Name of Islam,” and similar things. A testimonial page features dozens of tributes to their work from a variety of Senators, Congresspeople, and other politicians, not to mention several key FBI people.

Gee, does Boxer think FBI people love terrorists too? Golly, what’s going on here?

Here’s a clue

That criticism of Israel, council officials say, is what’s really fueling the campaign against their group. Nothing short of endorsing Israeli policy, they say, will spare them from allegations of extremism.

“The minute we criticize Israel, then we become a nonmoderate group,” Ayloush said. “You become public enemy No. 1.”