Thoughts on remodeling and moving

As mentioned before, we planning to move from Los Angles to Connecticut in the next few months.


No one who lives in L.A. has asked us why do you want to leave. Not one.

It might get cold in Connecticut, it also won’t be 119. A rush hour commute into Hartford from the semi-country where we’ll be is 20 minutes not 90-120 minutes each way as is becoming the norm in L.A. And it’s rush hour all the time here too. Freeways can be parking lots any time, any day, for no apparent reason. Also, the water and power in L.A. comes from hundreds of miles away, often from other states. It’s an unsustainable system that someday will break.


The inverse rule of proximity of tools. The tool you need for a specific job will always be the physically most distant tool from where you are.

Our house, built in ’52, was constructed so sturdily it has withstood several earthquakes, including the nearby Northridge quake, with no problems. The walls are so solid it makes contractors swear when they need to open one up. Think lots of chicken wire with massive amounts of plaster poured in. Contractor #1. (panting hard) They don’t built houses like this any more. Contractor #2. (swearing) This is the solidest wall I’ve ever seen – and he’s been a contractor in the area for 30 years.

The cats are no longer alarmed when a stranger walks in and starts banging on something.

Like computer geeks, contractors speak their own language. You need a 5/8 inch flapdoodle inverter here, Mr. Morris, not the 1/2 inch one you have now. Right.

Put vanilla extract into oil-based paint to cut down on the smell. However, as of Jan. 1 oil-based paint can no longer be sold in southern California. Will this lead to unsavory types hanging around outside paint stores? Psst, wanna cop some oil-based? I can mix it up in my van…

The house has been chaos for a while. We’re finally finishing up, and are uncovering the layers of strata, finding tools, books, etc. that vanished weeks ago, etc. It’s like an archaeological dig.

But finally, we near the end of the process, the house should go on the market in two weeks.