China powers up on coal. Yuck

China already has 2,000 coal plants spweing pollution and greenhouse gases, and are planning 500 more. The toxic clouds these plants produce are so massive they can be seen from space and in some cities it’s so bad cars need their headlights on at noon. Renewable energy doesn’t exist.

Under socialism, it’s important the government makes the right choices. In China now, in regard to the environment, that’s not happening, even though the government just released a report warning of major problems to come, like severe water shortages, from climate change. Citizens are starting to rebel against such rampant environmental degradation and despoliation. You would too if you live in a city choking in coal haze and pollution.

All of which is just another example of how environmental issues and climate change are creating political stress and probable rebellion.

In China, many of the private companies are controlled by the government, and the system is still at least nominally socialist. So, the government could mandate clean energy if they wanted to, and under socialism such changes could happen much faster than under capitalism. But the government lacks the will. But you can’t create your energy from coal, dump pollutants into rivers, ignore the environment, then wonder why the climate-change-induced water shortages are happening. But that’s just what they’re doing. The blowback will be environmental, political, and massive.