The Angry Arab on the Somali invasion

People forget that both sides are bad in the Somali war, and the other side (supported by US/Saudi Arabia (and I am sure Israel is not far behind) is a bunch of criminal warlords. My feelings toward the Somali civil war is similar to the feelings of Henry Kissinger toward the Iran-Iraq war: I want both sides to lose.

Now that Ethiopia has taken Mogadishu, they will have to run it, won’t they? Just because the Islamists have disappeared doesn’t mean they won’t be back. That’s the mistake the US made in Baghdad at the start of the war. The US rolled in, there was no opposition, so they thought the war was over and they’d won, but that’s hardly how things worked out… “When the enemy attacks, retreat” is a basic tenet of guerrilla warfare.

Why did this invasion have to happen?

Experts had feared the conflict could engulf the already volatile Horn of Africa. A recent U.N. report said 10 countries have been illegally supplying arms and equipment to both sides of the conflict and using Somalia as a proxy battlefield.

What’s this war a proxy for? Meanwhile, innocent civilians lose their homes and get killed in the crossfire.

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