Maui wind turbines, from a distance

We hiked up close to the turbines. It was a 1.5 mile hike that took almost 90 minutes up a steep trail.

Here’s what the turbines look like from a distance.

Maui wind turbines from a distance

Conservationists worked with the builders, and removed endangered species of vegetation before construction began, then re-planted them when it was completed.

The site is managed by Kaheawa Wind Power, and was co-developed by UPC Wind Management and Makani Nui Associates.

Meanwhile, in southern California, SoCal Edison has contracted for the biggest-yet US wind farm

It’ll be in the windy Tehachapi area, spread over 50 square miles, generating a massive 1500 MW.

“This project alone will be almost as much wind power as the entire country had at the beginning of this century,”


  1. Fantastic location for a wind farm; lots of open space to allow the wind to blow and pick up some real speed.

    Sights like these are reassuring that steps are finally being taken to halt climate change.

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