Maui wind turbines, from a distance

We hiked up close to the turbines. It was a 1.5 mile hike that took almost 90 minutes up a steep trail.

Here’s what the turbines look like from a distance.

Maui wind turbines from a distance

Conservationists worked with the builders, and removed endangered species of vegetation before construction began, then re-planted them when it was completed.

The site is managed by Kaheawa Wind Power, and was co-developed by UPC Wind Management and Makani Nui Associates.

Meanwhile, in southern California, SoCal Edison has contracted for the biggest-yet US wind farm

It’ll be in the windy Tehachapi area, spread over 50 square miles, generating a massive 1500 MW.

“This project alone will be almost as much wind power as the entire country had at the beginning of this century,”