The Kings Highway, Makena

This 6 mile round trip hike is mostly on a lava field, the lava is called a’a. It looks a bit like freshly tilled earth from a distance, but is solid rock. The hike looks easy. It’s not. The trail is filled with loose rocks, and is very scrambly going indeed.

The sign is about a mile in. You can see the trail, and also how going off-trail would be difficult going indeed.

Kings Highway sign, Maui

Kings Highway lava flow, Maui

The brown areas are a lava flow from about 1790 on the foothills of 10,000 ft. Mount Haleakala.

Kings Highway, Ocean view, Maui

Walking back

Kings Highway, Maui, native ruins

The a’a piled in the front right is the ruins of a native Hawaiian structure from some centuries back.