Australia:Queensland Murris need your support

In November 2004 Murunji died in a police watch house on Palm Island –an aboriginal community off the Queensland coast. Since that time there has been two coronial inquests and a prosecutor’s office review. But the state government is refusing to initiate charges against the arresting officer, Chris Hurley, despite the very clear findings of the coronial inquiry that Hurley caused Murunji’s death. See background here. Report on Wednesday’s rally in Brisbanehere.

Queensland Murris (Indigenous Australians living in Queensland) need your support. The indigenous community nationwide will be mobilising for Invasion Day (the official Australia Day national holiday)on January 26th. But to tie the campaign over the holiday break, an online petition is being promoted to galvanize and register opposition to this crude racism. You can sign it here so please do so and promote the petition widely by also sending it to your contact list. And make sure you add your comments as hundreds have already from around the world, indigenous and no indigenous peoples alike.
For background on Aboriginal deaths in police custody, start HERE.