Indigenous death in custody: Request for solidarity

Brisbane, Australia:The Queensland Dept of Public Prosecution’s disgusting decision to ignore the Deputy Coroner’s findings that the Qld police killed Mulrinji,an indigenous man, in November 2004 while he was in police custody –has been met with community disbelief. The DPP wants us to believe that Mulrinji “fell” (getting 4 broken ribs and a liver split in two through the “fall”)and that the cop who arrested him — the 6’7″ tall Chris Hurley — played no role in his death.

(1) Messages of support
(2) On line petition
(3) Background resources on the murder

(1)Messages of support to the local Murri community can be addressed c/o Sam Watson and sent via this email address.

Phone numbers: Phone Sam Watson on 0401 227 443, Paul Benedek 3831 2644 / 0410 629 088 for interviews.

(2)Either you can circulate the petition by downloading from here OR go to the online petition and sign on. Please promote this link.

(3)Background information/reports on the case:
Audio reports on this case: Mulrinji rally; Sam Watson’s review of the case with transcript.

Despite any number of attempts to protect indigenous Australians in police custody, the deaths toll still mounts up every year and each time there is no redress through official “due process”. Mulrinji had never been arrested before. He broke no law. He was taken into custody at ten in the morning and was dead within an hour. In the time since his death. His adolescent son has suicided, his mother has died and the besieged Indigenous community of Palm Island has been occupied by a police force determined to suppress any repeat of the riot that exploded at news of Mulrinji’s death.