Iranian holocaust conference

[Iranian] Foreign Minister, Manouchehr Mottaki … said the West did not allow Holocaust denial because it would lead to questions “about the identity of the Zionist regime.”

Nonsense. If that were true, there wouldn’t be Jews Against Zionism, some of whom did lose friends and relatives in the concentration camps.

Sure, Zionists can and do use the Holocaust as a club to silence critics, a reprehensible tactic to be sure. But holocaust deniers are about as rational and believable as the Flat Earth Society. So, why do they believe it?

From The Nizkor Project which is “dedicated to 12 million Holocaust victims”

“The real purpose of holocaust revisionism is to make National Socialism an acceptable political alternative again.”

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  1. about as rational and believable as the Flat Earth Society

    Or the 9/11 conspiracy theorists.

  2. It’s not coincidental that holocaust deniers are also people who want all the Jews to disappear…

    Funny how not one of the major historians who specialise in WWII, Keegan, Bulloch, Beevor etc were even invited to the Tehran conference.

  3. I am a British student without a trace of racism/ facism in my body and yet I can honestly say that if people look at the evidence presented on both sides then the ‘official’ version of events offered is the most ludicrous slice of misinformation attainable. Even without this thought in mind, I cannot see the harm in a conference aiming to present both sides of the argument. The fact that questioning this event is a criminal offence in some countries should get alarm bells ringing for people. Nothing should be closed for discussion. The Iranian president has been misquoted in a horrendous manner regarding his views on Israel, and for anyone thinking he said he wanted ‘Israel wiped off the map’- something i am told almost daily by western media- then take some time and find out the truth. In short, he didn’t. ‘ And as for the comment about 911, spend 6 months researching it and see if u have the same opinion. I used to believe the rubbish that was fed to me once upon a time too, so i empathise with those who think how i used to, i just hope people can both to research these issues better if they are going to comment on them.

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