System of a Down releases Armenian genocide documentary

System of a Down - Screamers movie

Stepan Haytayan is the grandfather of Serj Tankian, the lead singer of System of a Down. Haytayan is a survivor of the Armenian genocide where 1.5 Armenians were slaughtered by Turks in 1915.

The band has made a documentary about it, Screamers. It deals with the genocide and the continued refusal of many to accept that it happened.

Official movie website

Documentary feature examining why genocides keep occurring — from the Armenian genocide in 1915, to the Holocaust, Bosnia, Rwanda and now Darfur — through the eyes and music of the Grammy award-winning rock band ‘System of a Down,’ based in Los Angeles, whose members are all grandchildren of genocide survivors.

Successive Presidents and corporate interests have conspired to turn a blind eye to genocides as they are happening â┚¬â€œ whether it be Iraqi Kurds in the 80s, Rwanda in the 90s or Darfur today. After the Holocaust, we may say ‘never again’ — but we don’t mean it.

YouTube video, with System of a Down live.