Australia. Worst drought in 1000 years

It’s lasted five years, and is already beyond serious.

“What we’re seeing with this drought is a frightening glimpse of the future with global warming,” the leader of the South Australian state government Mike Rann told reporters.

From reader Kim

At the same time the entire country is sweltering and struggling under the worst drought on record. My hometown of Toowoomba (Queensland) is likely to run out of water by April 2007 â┚¬â€ unheard of, and serious â┚¬â€ a city of 100000 without water??

The drought is so severe in Toowoomba that authorities proposed recycled sewage water be used as drinking water. Voters shot down the measure, but it may come back again on the ballot as an “armageddon solution.”

The Brunei Times details how the drought has “prompted Australian leaders to drop their skepticism about global warming and express some concerns” but hey, action is needed, not just concern.

Green Left Weekly says no to water trading and wonders why precious water, in defiance of logic and conservation, continues to be used to grow water-hungry cotton.

The market is not geared to managing severe environmental problems. Instead of treating water and other resources as commodities to buy and sell without regard for their real usage value, the current water crisis demands a national plan to re-allocate farmland, upgrade water infrastructure to remove waste and reduce unnecessary use.

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. John Howard is holding a fire sale of the last water as drought burns the country.