John Bolton Quits

First Donald Rumsfeld went and now John Bolton has quit.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Facing opposition from key senators, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton will leave office in a matter of days, the White House announced on Monday.

Spokeswoman Dana Perino said President George W. Bush had reluctantly accepted Bolton’s decision to leave the U.N. post when the current session of the U.S. Congress ends, likely at the end of the week.

The recent election â┚¬Å“thumpingâ┚¬Â is already bearing fruit. I guess it was obvious that Bolton wasn’t going to get the necessary Senate support but it doesn’t make the news any less sweet. This must be much-needed dose of reality for an increasingly deluded George Bush.

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  1. Rats are leaving the sinking ship in droves. Most are doing so, I suspect, so that Bush can pardon them if they face charges after they’re out. Last one out is a rotten egg, which in this case is Bush. (I also suspect thats why they chose him for the role, he’s too dim to realize there won’t be anyone left to pardon him after he’s out.)

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