Former Russian PM might have been poisoned

Polonium-210 found on two jets
that fly between London and Moscow.

Traces of Polonium 210 f0und in Mayfair office of Berezovsky

Hey smokers, Polonium-210 also can occur in tobacco, due to the fertilizers used.

You can buy Polonium-210 legally online in the U.S.

However a company selling it now has a special disclaimer page saying the amounts they sell are too small to be hazardous.

You would need about 15,000 of our Polonium-210 needle sources at a total cost of about $1 million – to have a toxic amount.

A bit of evasion?

“If you asked me whether polonium-210 could end up in private possession in Russia, I would definitely say no, it could not,” said Viktor Mikhailov, the director of the Institute of Strategic Stability in Moscow.

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  1. Polonium 210 as a terror weapon: Better than anthrax? Let’s face it, current and past superpowers have long had the capability to kill damn near everybody on the planet and it seems that every once in awhile some individual affiliated with one or the other just can’t resist taking the toys out and playing with them, just a little.

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