UCLA protest against tasering

LAist has photos and coverage of the UCLA protest.

UCLA protest against tasering. Photo by Henry David for LAist.com
Photo by Henry David for LAist.com

Some have asked, why didn’t students protest more against the tasering while it was happening. For those of you who who don’t live in Los Angeles, confronting cops like that here, even university police, could get you tasered, shot, and arrested for a felony – that’s just the reality here.


  1. Is this a new movie? Maybe another “To Live and Die In LA”
    Lets be real the students are here to learn and they invest alot of time and
    money to go to this campus. The campus police should have more compassion,
    understanding,patience and the ability to COMMUNICATE!!! We already know the
    campus police can taser someone who is unarmed and trying to study? What is going
    on? I bet other parents who were thinking about sending their son or daughter
    to UCLA are thinking twice about their choice. I cannot believe they allow
    this to happen! I’m very glad that the perosn thought quick to use their cell
    to record the incident because can you imagine trying to report the incident
    without actual footage? Well whoever the person was at the receiving end
    I hope you get the best Attorney in the State of California and bring the
    overreacting campus police to justice. I’m angry because the police should
    be there to protect and instead they are physically abusing students who also
    pay their salary so that they can have a job to be on the campus and protect
    and serve. If this had happened to me, I would have to sue them for all they were worth
    just to set an example of what they did was wrong.These people are our future!
    Incomprehensible beyond belief.
    Resident In LA

  2. Tasering of Iranian UCLA student

    Nothing like this could have happened when my present wife was getting her masters degree at UC Berkley and I was a student taking courses at UCLA extension in the sixties. If it had the protests would have involved thousands not hundreds and the tires on police cars might have been punctured at least. If officers today were sued individually in addition to the department and they lost their homes they might not be so quick to do what they did in the future.

    We would not agree to contribute to our alumni associations if asked until the officers are suspended without pay pending completion of an investigation. If they were found to have used
    Unecessory and excessive force they should be FIRED.

    The Iranian student probably had difficulties prior the this incident just for being Iranian and that may have been when he didn’t want to show his ID, as there has been a vicious campaign to demonize Iran and Muslims with hate speech in the US media.

    The storm trooper federally sponsored militarization of all police and private guards seems to have achieved their goals.

    Tasering handcuffed suspects has been increasing even of small children and even the elderly.

    I imagine it is very painful especially with repeated tasering and is a favorite method of torturing. There have been deaths as a result. Amnesty International says, there have been 156 such deaths from Taser use in the past five years. … http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/12042784

    Even when a large person is tasered find it impossible to get to their feet. The officers at the university kept yelling “get up, get up” when they KNEW the student could not, so they could
    charge him with resisting an officer.

    These officers should take a close look in their mirrors and ask themselves how much of their
    Basic humanity has been trained out of them, especially when they have not been harmed in any way themselves?

    They must know that much worse may be required of them in the near future and should decide
    NOW where is their personal “LINE IN THE SAND, that they will not cross before all traces of humanity is gone and just say NO, this is too much, count me out from now on.

    Tom Green

  3. It is now almost a year later ?

    What happened to the whole ordeal, What was the outcome? Did the police, staff and students go back to everyday living?


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