Our psychic press

Lefti on the News wonders how mainstream media could possibly know the kidnappings at the Education Ministry in Baghdad were carried out by militia masquerading as police, given there is no proof of this.

Since the kidnappers haven’t been captured, how could they possibly know that? To be specific, how do they know that these kidnappings weren’t carried out by the actual security forces rather than people masquerading as them?

Ditto for the four Americans kidnapped near the Iraqi border by “gunmen wearing police uniforms.” Yet nothing I’ve seen gives any evidence supporting this. Again, they could easily have been real police.

The kidnapped men were apparent mercenaries employed by Crescent Security Group, and were working out of a base in Kuwait making incursions into Iraq. What were they doing there? But, if you’re a mercenary then it’s assumed you know the work is both dangerous and lucrative. While I think mercenaries tend to be despicable, let’s hope their corpses aren’t found riddled with holes from power drills. No one should die like that.

The U.S. war machine and media can’t admit these attacks may have been carried out by actual police, as that wouldn’t play at all well at home. So instead, they have harnessed apparent startling and powerful psychic abilities and have determined the attackers must be rogues masquerading as cops instead.

Because if the insurgency and militias includes lots of police too, then the U.S. invasion is doomed. They will have no idea who to trust. Sure, the militias fight with each other. They also fund their weapon purchases through crime, but this is nothing new for guerrilla armies. It’s not like they can go to the bank and get a loan for Uzis and RPGs. But because they may be criminal doesn’t negate any political beliefs they may have, and it’s clear the insurgents and militias want the U.S. out of Iraq.