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The UCLA student who was viciously tasered by university police is not an Anglo. His name is Mostafa Tabatabainejadd and he’s Muslim. I knew you’d be surprised.

“It was the most disgusting and vile act I had ever seen in my life,” said David Remesnitsky, a 2006 UCLA alumnus who witnessed the incident.

I bet he wouldn’t have been tasered if he was a middle-aged Anglo named Bob Morris. Police are way more leery about thumping people like me – which says something ugly about class and race in America.

UCLA Bruin student newspaper article

Video of the tasering

That makes four major incidents of Los Angeles-area police violence in the past few months that have been captured on video. The LAPD clubbing video on July 8 I posted on YouTube has now been viewed nearly 200,000 times.

Residents of Los Angeles: Keep those camcorders and cell phone cameras with you at all times!

This is yet one more reason Sue and I will be moving out of Los Angeles soon. I mean, why continue living in such a toxic environment? Yes, cops can be thugs anywhere, but the ones in L.A. are especially vicious.


From AmericaBlog

Video shows police officer telling second student to leave or “you’re gonna get tased too”

The student was apparently just standing there doing nothing.

Still more:

Tabatabainejad was also stunned with the Taser when he was already handcuffed, said Carlos Zaragoza, a third-year English and history student who witnessed the incident.

“(He was) no possible danger to any of the police,” Zaragoza said. “(He was) getting shocked and Tasered as he was handcuffed.”

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  1. “Soldiers are cutting us down…”

    The cops’ mindset is the scariest thing. It seems to be that “authority must be obeyed at all times, no matter what.” That is not consistent with the student’s constitutionally protected rights, which place his inalienable rights far above any sort of convenience achieved by granting limited authority to officers of the peace.

    I’m sure it would be much more convenient to give police officers unlimited power to use and abuse as they saw fit, but such an arrangement is totally incompatible with the concepts of freedom and liberty for which our forefathers fought and died. Freedom is far more important than being quiet in a library or being cooperative with police.

    more ranting here:

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