Dynamic Duo Heading For Divorce?

It looks like we might be seeing Tony and George appearing on Dr Phil soon. Now that George is under parental supervision Tony’s trying to assert his independence. Unfortunately Tony still needs his instructions faxed from Washington and there is a slight hold up whilst there is a ‘policy review’ – a euphemism for the Iraq Study Group to sit in a dark room and bang their heads against the wall whilst pleading to a variety of Gods for inspiration.

This wait has left Tony to do some thinking of his own. Last night he gave a keynote speech on the Middle East and Britain’s future. Tony’s got a message for Iran and Syria that can be summed up in one word; Heeeeeeeeellllp! The ‘Axis of Evil’ becomes the ‘Axis of not so bad once you get to know them’. And that was just the start. He showed how utterly bereft of ideas New Labour are.

I’ll just offer one quote, but it does show how the bright light of reality has yet to shine on him:

What is happening in the Middle East today is not complex. It is simple.

It’s time for the men in the white coats.


  1. “But our plans specifically said grateful Iraqis would toss rose petals in our path to thank us…”

    Or maybe it was hand grenades they’d be tossing.

  2. Blair has been delusional for years now, what I can’t understand is why the ministers and MPs around him have not had the sense and/or guts to get shot of him. They must be aware of the fact that if you give an insane man power he will use it in an insane manner. However having been an observer of British politics for years I shouldn’t have expected anything else.

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