Podcast: Brian Becker. Meaning of the capitalist mid-term elections

Brian Becker is the National Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition and a founding member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation. He discusses what the overwhelming anti-Bush and anti-neocon vote last Tuesday means for the left, and why we need to build a independent people’s movement to create real change rather than let that dissent be dissipated harmlessly by the Democratic Party.

Recorded at a Party for Socialism and Liberation conference in L.A. on 11/11/06. (More podcasts coming.)

mp3 (29:05, 10 mb)

2 thoughts on “Podcast: Brian Becker. Meaning of the capitalist mid-term elections

  1. On behalf of those of us who couldn’t be in L.A., thanks very much for posting these. And also, you seem to have made these files smaller (perhaps digitized at a lower rate?). Anyway, smaller is better! Thanks again.

  2. Thanks. Also have a video of Gloria La Riva which should be online soon, even if the editing program is being weird.

    Not sure why the sizes are smaller, I think they were saved the same as always, variable not fixed seems to make them smaller than fixed, and I do them at 44 somethings (bit rate?). Variable means it can drop down to 32 if it can, not just stay at 44.

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