Podcast: Brian Becker. Meaning of the capitalist mid-term elections

Brian Becker is the National Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition and a founding member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation. He discusses what the overwhelming anti-Bush and anti-neocon vote last Tuesday means for the left, and why we need to build a independent people’s movement to create real change rather than let that dissent be dissipated harmlessly by the Democratic Party.

Recorded at a Party for Socialism and Liberation conference in L.A. on 11/11/06. (More podcasts coming.)

mp3 (29:05, 10 mb)


  1. On behalf of those of us who couldn’t be in L.A., thanks very much for posting these. And also, you seem to have made these files smaller (perhaps digitized at a lower rate?). Anyway, smaller is better! Thanks again.

  2. Thanks. Also have a video of Gloria La Riva which should be online soon, even if the editing program is being weird.

    Not sure why the sizes are smaller, I think they were saved the same as always, variable not fixed seems to make them smaller than fixed, and I do them at 44 somethings (bit rate?). Variable means it can drop down to 32 if it can, not just stay at 44.

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