Socialism conference in L.A.

Join the Struggle for Revolutionary Change!

Sat. Nov. 11, 10am – 5pm (Registration: 9 am)
2501 S. Hill St, L.A.
(At Hermandad Mexicana Nacional)
Organized by the Party for Socialism and Liberation, a member of the ANSWER Coalition.


Fighting the capitalist pro-rich, anti-working class agenda; why socialism is possible in the U.S.; Black liberation and the socialist struggle; fighting against racism, sexism and homophobia; socialism in Cuba, revolution in Venezuela, rebellion in Mexico; the revolutionary uprising in Oaxaca, Mexico; immigrant rights and the case for amnesty; solidarity with Iraq, Palestine, Haiti, Korea, the Philippines; and youth and student organizing.


Brian Becker: PSL, ANSWER Coalition Coordinator
Karina Garcia: Political Chair of Chicano Caucus Columbia Univ.
Muna Coobtee: Free Palestine Alliance
Eugene Puryear: PSL; Howard University student leader
Gloria La Riva: Nat’l Committee to Free the Cuban Five Coordinator
Ian Thompson: Editor
Juan Jose Gutierrez: Latino Movement USA Director
Angelina Corona: Hermandad Mexicana Nacional
Carlos Alvarez: Youth & Student ANSWER
Preston Wood: PSL; ANSWER Coalition-LA Coordinator
Ernesto Arce: KPFK radio, 90.7 FM

Register. Info: 323-810-3380 or email.

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