Military Times “Rumsfeld must go”

This editorial is online now in the four major military newspapers; Army Times, Navy Times, Air Force Times and Marine Corps Times.

Rumsfeld has lost credibility with the uniformed leadership, with the troops, with Congress and with the public at large. His strategy has failed, and his ability to lead is compromised. And although the blame for our failures in Iraq rests with the secretary, it will be the troops who bear its brunt.

This is not about the midterm elections. Regardless of which party wins Nov. 7, the time has come, Mr. President, to face the hard bruising truth:

Donald Rumsfeld must go.

It should be noted these papers are subsidiaries of the Gannett chain and not operated by the military. Thus they can criticize freely whereas a military-run paper would specifically be prohibited from doing so.

That they are running this editorial simultaneously and just before the election is quite extraordinary. Clearly they would not do so unless they had major unspoken support from military brass.