Confused Koslings

Daily Kos says they’re against the war but when faced with a genuine antiwar candidate, Byron De Lear vs. the prowar incumbent Howard Berman, they rabidly back the prowar incumbent. Why? Because the incumbent is a Democrat and the candidate is a Green. Yeah, that’ll really help end the war(s)…

Their tortuous logic in defending their indefensible positions is always fun to read. It’s not the first time they’ve done this nor will it be the last. I’m sure their Thought Police are busily cleansing the comments of any deviantionist rhetoric but you might want to hop over there anyway and explain how being antiwar means you actually have to BE antiwar.

PS I’ve been remiss in not blogging about the De Lear campaign. Byron is running a strong, highly progressive campaign in the Congressional District next to Bill Paparian. who I’ve blogged about often. Both deserve support.

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  1. There was a good interview with CA/LA Green Congressional Candidates Paparian and De Lear on KPFK’s The Insighters show with host Maria Armoudian today:

  2. Some of the Koslings are coming around on Green Congressional Candidate Byron De Lear:

  3. […] Green Lisa emails that some of the Confused Koslings who, even though they oppose the war, originally supported prowar incumbent Howard Berman solely because he is a Democrat rather than antiwar Green candidate Byron De Lear, are now coming around. • • • […]

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