Paparian campaign rattles incumbent Democrat

Bill Paparian’s congressional run in CA-29 is getting serious traction. The Democratic incumbent Adam “I Love Voting For War” Schiff just said it was now a three way contest between him, Papapian, and the Republican. However, the Republican is a nonentity neandertal running a nonexistent campaign so clearly it’s Paparian that Schiff is worried about.

It’s beyond unusual for an incumbent to 1) mention their opponents and 2) admit the race has become close. Does Schiff have polling data he finds unsettling?

Bizarrely, Schiff claims in a letter to supporters that Paparian, a Green, has outspent him (PDF, 4th paragraph), a ludicrous claim easily refuted by the facts. OpenSecrets, which tracks campaign spending, documents that Schiff has spent over $700,000 while Paparian just $16,000. Golly, if Schiff has such problems with basic math, how could he possibly be competent enought to vote on budgets? Because, y’know, budgets have lots of zeros in them and many other numbers too. $16,000 is actually 2.2% of $700,000, not more than it, as Adam “Basic Math Eludes Me” Schiff apparently believes.

An incumbent Democrat is being forced to recognize a third party run by an antiwar candidate who calls for the impeachment of George Bush. The times they are a’changing, indeed.

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