The kingdom is crumbling

It was Vietnam then, it’s Iraq and Afghanistan now.

And call out the border guard.
The kingdom is crumbling.
The king is in the counting house,
Laughing and stumbling.
His armies are extended,
Way beyond the shore.
As he sends our lovely boys to die
In a foreign jungle war.

Great American Eagle Tragedy” by Earth Opera, late 60’s.

King George the Insane now believes he spots a “possible” parallel between Vietnam and Iraq as the family consigliere says let’s get Iran and Syria to help the U.S. Right, those you’ve deemed to be enemies will frequently render assistance, you betcha. Meanwhile, in full flight from reality, The Fixer says everything will be coming up Republicans in the November elections. Is that why all the polls says the opposite? Those pollsters must be part of the gay commie freedom-hating Saddam-loving cabal FoxNews is always shrieking about.

The pretend opposition, instead of going for the jugular on the war, mouths tepid opposition. We need, they say, a better, stronger war and to “redeploy” troops – whatever that means, like it could help. There’s not enough troops now, shuffling them around won’t help any. When some come back in body bags, maimed or PTSD’ed, hey, it’s not the kids of anyone in Congress, now is it? Then they continue to vote for more torture and the gutting of basic rights.

Sure, if the Dems take one or both Houses, it’ll be good news. Just don’t expect them to end the war(s) or not start new ones. Unless events force them, that is, something which could and probably will happen.

Bush has blown up any goodwill the U.S. had worldwide. The war is forcing massive deficit spending and the collection man will be around soon enough demanding payment. The ruling class lives in an encased bubble, clueless of the real world.

Cracks are appearing everywhere. Their wars have proved disastrous for them. The kingdom is crumbling. It won’t last.

“Fall mountains / Just don’t fall on me.” – Jimi Hendrix.