LatinAmerican resources a world away

Besides indulging in the occasional odd blog I also podcast. In fact it was through podcasting that I came upon Polizeros Bob in cyberspace — ie: yours and mein host — in the first instance. Now I got myself an LA franchise.

Among my podcastables is VenSol: the Venezuela Solidarity podcast. VenSol carries reports from Caracas and audio generated by VenezuelaAnalysis

But the podcast also offers a great networking tool and my fellow podcastor Warwick Fry — who works out of NimFM Community Radio here in Australia — runs LatinRadical . In the latest edition, Warwick showcases his new song on Bono — the man from the band U2 — who is sponsoring a game which offers a Venezuelan invasion scenario. Since Bono is touring Australia next month the local solidarity community was keen to mark his visit with protests. What better way than with a song?

Latin American solidarity activism has been big time here since the early seventies when Chileans arrived in exile. Even the current president of Chile — Michelle Bachelet — spent part of her exile here.

So while we may be a world away, like so many world wide, Australians are looking to Latin America for lessons and inspiration. So we get to know a lot here about Yankee imperialismo too.

I was also helping out a new blog that one of the leading activists here has instigated: Bolivia Rising. So if you are keen on “the axis of Evo” maybe you’ll appreciate the translations archived there from the original Spanish.