Bill Paparian campaign endorsements and support

Bill Paparian is running for Congress as a Green in CA-29. He’s hardcore antiwar, calls for the impeachment of Bush, and has succeeded in making his campaign way more visible than is the norm. He’s sent out thousands of mailers, volunteers are phone-banking every night, and the buzz is building. This is a campaign to watch and support.


Paparian had an open house yesterday at the campaign office. I video’ed some of the endorsements and statements of support.

Danny Bakewell Sr., long-time activist in L.A., real estate developer, and publisher of the L.A. Sentinel (the largest Black-owned weekly newspaper in the west) endorses Paparian. YouTube video.

Bob McCloskey, Democratic primary candidate for Congress in CA-29 in 2006 endorses Paparian. That’s right, a previous Democratic candidate for CA-29 is now endorsing a Green for that seat rather than the Democrat. YouTube video.

Preston Wood of the ANSWER Coalition in Los Angeles voices support for Bill Paparian. YouTube video.

(Bill and Preston are friends. I’m webmaster for Bill’s campaign site for which I’m paid a modest amount)

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  1. In the same vein, the Democratic primary challenger in the 28th District has endorsed Green, Byron De Lear.

    So has Marcy Winograd, who challenged Jane Harman and got 40%, and scores of other prominent Dems, etc.

  2. Phooey with the Greens.
    Someone is finally running against warmonger Waxman, Adele Cannon: Peace and Freedom!

    Vote for Peace and Freedom candidates instead of watching the Greens sit around for the next two years trying to agree on “consensus.”

  3. Paparian is about the only Green candidate I know who talks about supporting Palestine and who has been to Cuba.

    After Preston Wood gave his talk supporting Paparian, a man walked up to Preston, hugged him, and said, I am Palestinian, thank you.

    And vote for Adele if you’re in her district!

    BTW, I’m registered P&F, not Green.

  4. Has ANSWER stopped the war yet? No, but they keep trying and organizing along the way. Have the Greens or P&F Candidates stopped the war yet? No, but they keep trying and organizing along the way.

    Does P&F have ballot status outside CA? NO.

    Does the Green Party exist outside of CA? YES, Green Parties exist and are elected internationally.

    Happy Voting on Nov. 7!

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