Why Vista will suck

– It’s buggy and expensive.

– The UI is inconsistent across applications and clumsily designed.

– You can only reinstall it once and installing it as dual-boot wipes out any other OS. Thanks for assuming the customer is the enemy, Microsoft.

– It offers little that is new or innovative yet you must learn an entirely new interface. Why bother?

Uber-geek Chris Pirillo, a used-to-be die hard Windows user, has more. He is a “nanometer away” from switching all his home PCs to OS X Leopard when it’s released early next year.

BTW, Windows does NOT support more software. Macs can run OS X, Linux, and Windows. That means they run more software than Windows can. Also, the apps we use are increasingly online anyway, so it doesn’t matter which OS you have. (I’m typing and posting this via Ubuntu Linux and FireFox.)

MacDailyNews has thoughtfully archived several geek articles about why Vista will be problematic. I see lots of geeks, including me, now seriously looking for other alternatives a trend that bodes not at all well for Microsoft. If you lose the early adopters and trend setters, you’ve lost something you can never recover, as they have considerable influence over hardware and software sales.

Microsoft has peaked. Vista signals the start of their long, slow slide down.

PS Hey gamers: Vista will be 10-15% slower than XP.