The South is the most antiwar region in U.S.

Yes, the South.

As the 2006 mid-term elections near and debate heats up about the Iraq war, a new Institute for Southern Studies opinion poll finds that support for the war is deteriorating in the South — and by some measures, opposition is stronger in Southern states than in other parts of the country.

Link via the RockRap newsletter who says

This poll confirms how dangerous the idea promoted by liberals and lefties of Red States and Blue States really is. As has consistently been true in American history, the road to fundamental change leads through the South. Iraq, Katrina, etc. It’s time for all the hating on the South to stop. It’s time for all regions of the U.S. to link up with the South.

Absolutely. To say if someone is poor, white, and southern that they must be trash is as vicious (and untrue) as any other ethnic insult. Let’s put that crap aside and work together.

Also, the South has probably suffered disproportionally from the war(s) as their tradition of military service means more of them are coming home maimed or in body bags than in other parts of the country.