Scratch a bully, find a coward

From the ANSWER Coalition listserv

Mr. Minuteman, Jim Gilchrist, flees debate with student protester on Democracy Now!

This morning, thousands listened in astonishment as Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Minuteman Project, abruptly terminated a debate with Karina Garcia, student activist and Political Chair of Chicano Caucus at Columbia University. Last week on Wednesday, October 4, confronted with anti-racist protesters at Columbia University, the Minuteman violently attacked the protesters who were unfurling banners and Gilchrist terminated his speech and left the auditorium.

Gilchrist has spent much of the last week portraying himself as the champion of free speech and open debate, claiming that student protesters prevented any intelligent debate. Today, Mr. Minuteman had a chance to air his grievances and opinions on the events of last week, but after only a few minutes, he abruptly ended the debate. Sitting with his attorney in tow, he cited “legal advice,” pulled off his microphone, and walked out of the studio.

Watch the whole segment.

Send a fax to Columbia University demanding no disiplinary action against the students who organized the protest.