Republicans: No way out

If Hastert resigns, it’ll be a signal the Republican Party is collapsing. If he doesn’t resign and keeps stonewalling, well, it’ll still be a disaster for them.

What’s still baffling is how badly Republicans have managed this. Their formerly massive and effective spin machine has malfunctioned to the point of being non-operational. They’ve lied about FoleyGate, then been caught in lies. They are alienating their once-firm base of the Religious Right, who are quite rightfully appalled that Congressional Republicans put a coverup before honesty and the safety of kids. Plus, they’re realizing the Republican elite has “pure contempt for evangelicals.”

It’s stunning how fast the Republican machine is self-destructing. As I’ve said before, there may well be much more happening behind the scenes than has been made public (so far.)

Why did Foley resign so fast? Why can’t they get their stories straight? What are they hiding?