1. You believe an AP reporter?
    Actually, he did own that land. It just so happened that three years ago, he transfered the property from his own personal name to that of an LLC. …
    And btw, this was all disclosed to the ethics committee. The place were things got sloppy is that Reid continued to disclose ownership of the land as a personal asset rather than ownership in the LLC which owned the land. But that’s it. Fact is, the LLC had no other assets other than this piece of land, and Reid disclosed ownership of the piece of land….

  2. Being as I’m not Democratic, I have no problem with saying a Dem might be playing Hide The Money too.

    Blog reaction to this is mostly split on Left/Right lines, swhich is I guess understandable. Kos and AmericaBlog are shocked, just shocked, such accusations could be made while Pajamas Media kiddies are sharpening the knives.

    Payback for FoleyGate? Probably. I bet we see lots more of such things before the election.

    Yes, I do think we have a Parliament of Whores, and that includes both parties.

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