Let millions of others beta-test IE 7 for you

Internet Explorer 7.0 will roll out this week. It’s supposed to pop up a screen asking if you want to install it, but to be safe, disable Automatic Updates (Start/Control Panel/Automatic Updates) and wait a few weeks.

That way, tens of millions will do the final beta-testing for you. If/when it looks like there’s no monster bugs lurking, then you can install it – and disable all your IE6 add-ins before doing so (Tools/Manage Add-Ons.)

FireFox is still smarter, more intuitive and more secure. However IE 7 does have nice features.


  1. Daniel Rivera-Franqui

    However IE 7 does have nice features.

    Which will likely be available in FireFox 2.0 or a revision in less time than what Microsoft took to roll out IE7. Ain’t Open Source grand?

  2. Actually, I’m not sure there’s anything in IE7 that isn’t already in Firefox now!

    Just read in PCMag that IBM is now backing open source in a huge way.

  3. There is nothing that isn’t already in Opera either.

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