Immigrant vote in Belgium tilts socialist

The Socialist party in Belgium has now edged ahead of the hard right anti-immigrant party, due primarily to immigrants voting socialist. In fact, many of the elected socialists are Muslim immigrants.

This from a conservative blog which sees Europe turning sharply leftward with anti-immigrant parties gaining strength in rural areas while socialists and the Left will continue to build support in the cities.

While I don’t know this for certain, it would seem a Muslim socialist would almost by definition be secular and not hardcore religious.


  1. Not always so, in Britain a lot of Muslims vote Labour, (I know they are not socialist) as they see it more tolerant towards immigrants, where as the right is very anti immigrant. So it is a matter of expedience in working to get what they want and quite often that can be more religious tolerance and religious schools.

  2. The other party in Belgium is openly anti-Islamic, so yeah, good point, they vote socialist by default. The author of the article I mentioned said a member of the fascist Gray Wolves was calling himself socialist and got elected. Didn’t know who Gray Wolves are and looked them up. Fascist is not an overstatement.

    Here in the States it looks like the Democrats will take at least one house in the upcoming elections, and many of those voting will vote Democratic more because they can no longer stand what the Republicans are doing rather than because they support the Democrats. Thus the same process, voting against a party, happens here too.

    Still, maybe a conservative Christian voting Democratic might eventually accept more of the values of diversity and tolerance and become more secular, just like maybe a conservative Muslim voting socialist could too. Not saying always, but maybe sometimes.

  3. Maybe sometimes, I hope, but at least if they are making contact with the left for what ever reason, at least we can talk to them,— and maybe just maybe???

  4. Rise of the Modern European Left…

    polizeros reports on immigrants voting socialist in Belgium. It’s not that they are secular or socialist. It those, for whom the system does not work, but aren’t pissed off enough at it to change it by going outside the system,……

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