NY Times on Posada Carriles

“Castro foe puts U.S. in an awkward spot”“Awkward?” Posada has boasted of blowing up a Cuban plane, killing 73 civilians. He has unquestioned CIA ties. The US is refusing to extradite him to Venezuela even though they are legally obligated to do so – and the NY Times merely calls this “awkward” for the US government, like it’s a messy PR problem that needs to be spun.

Mass murderer and terror supported and financed by the US are way more than “awkward.” While it’s certainly helpful Times ran this article, because it will give the case international attention, why did it take them so long to do so and why is the article so timid in criticizing the US government?

FreeTheFive has lots on the terrorist Posada and the US government support of his activities that spans decades and both parties.