Mexico may refer US to UN over border fence

That Dubya, he’s gone and alienated yet another ally. But hey, it is election time. Neocons need the racist vote. What better way to do that than by promising to build a fence to keep The Hideous Hordes out?

If, in fact, it ever gets built. But then, that’s not the point – mobilizing racists to vote is.


  1. I agree with you that the fence Bill was a political stunt designed to help in a midterm election for Republicans.

    However, calling those who agree with the idea of a fence racists is unfair. We have a problem with illegal immigration in the United States. That is undeniable. Yes, I know these illegal immigrants are hard-working and just want jobs. Believe me, I understand that most of them just want to be able to make money. That does not mean they should be allowed in. You should not let someone illegally enter the country and then eventually become a citizen. It sets a precedent of nonenforcement. It opens the idea of open borders, an unsustainable policy that destroys national sovereignty.

    But don’t worry, no serious measures to solve this problem will be enacted while George Bush is in office. I sincerely believe he disagrees with most of what I’ve said. Nothing serious will be done anytime soon.

  2. you people are the illuagul people calling us wet backs will you should check agin becase us mexicans wore not the ones who
    crossed the ocean so you white people should go back to your contnent wich is far away from us think twise before you say shiii stuff

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