Foley resignation, something’s not adding up

Talking Points wonders why the Foley scandal has ripped through the Republican Congressional hierarchy so quickly with top leaders calling each other liars, a “train wreck” indeed.

Then, with some kind of Draconian poetic justice, Foley could be indicted based on laws he himself created.

But why did he resign so fast? A 16 year old says he has 3-year-old IM’s and this immediately craters a member of Congress. Most odd. The primary evidence is the IM’s, which would seem easy enough to deny and debunk. Would AOL still have those IM’s saved in a database somewhere? Maybe. Would they have tracked his IP address too? Who knows. Even if they did, well, a hacker must have gotten my AOL password and is trying to destroy me, then imply the youth is psychologically disturbed. Seems you could put up a fog machine that could neutralize much of this.

But Foley didn’t. He resigned effective immediately. Why? There must be much more to this than has been revealed, something seriously ugly and damning. And not just to Foley.

AmericaBlog is all over the story, with dozens of posts so far.

Wayne Madsen (Sep 30/Oct 1 post at bottom) is reporting links between John Mark Karr and “top U.S. government officials in a major pedophilia ring.”

From conservative columnist Andrew Sullivan, who is openly gay, “the closet corrupts.”