Reactions to Foley resignation

From comments in Gay South Florida.

Why is it always the Republicans who like the underage kids? At least Monica was an adult.

The closet sure can be stifling. This also is a classic case of a repressed gay man going through “male menopause” where he longs to live out his fantasies of “the good ol’ days” hanging out with young studs. Very, very sad.

From the Miami Herald

As somebody who has met Mark Foley personally and has mutual friends, I am sad for Mark and I hope he doesn’t go to jail. The last time I saw Mark, he was 19 years into a relationship. That was sad that it had to be hidden. I hope the Republican Party continues to evolve so it’s not so difficult to be an openly gay Republican. Will this play into the fears that all gay people are pedophiles? I hope not. There are heterosexual situations as well. Everybody decries this kind of situation. Even Mark Foley did, but he couldn’t control it.

Finance writer Andrew Tobias, treasurer of the Democratic National Committee.