New Google RSS Reader

The new version of Google Reader is one of the best RSS readers I’ve seen, online or desktop. The previous version was kludgy, this one is intuitive and powerful. They’ve done a stellar job on this, check it out.

Me, I prefer to use bookmarks to read blogs, with the bookmarks open in the left side. I’ve got about 50 blogs there and scan through them a couple of times a day. No RSS reader can give you the same look and feel as being on the actual site. Plus, bookmarks are faster. I use Foxmarks to keep my bookmarks in sync across computers. Thus, changing a bookmark on one of my desktop computers automatically gets updatedԚ  on the laptop. Plus, you can log onto FoxMarks when using someone else’s computer and access all your bookmarks there. So, in a way, this works like an RSS reader.

But I will be using Google Reader more, and look forward to what they will be doing next version.

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