The Day Fire

The fire started Labor Day, north of L.A. in the Santa Clarita Valley. It’s been raging ever since.

Today, strong Santa Ana winds are expected, maybe 60 mph on mountain tops, with the town of Ojai now being threatened.

Big Santa Ana winds are about the worst possible conditions as they are bone dry and strong. Let’s hope this bad fire doesn’t turn into a monster. These winds are a double whammy, not only do they spread the fire, helicopters and air tankers can’t make water drops because it’s unsafe for them to fly in high winds.

We live in the San Fernando Valley, which is one valley over from the Santa Clarita Valley, and the air here has been on and off smoky and hazy because of the fire.

These fires are in steep canyon areas, virtually impassable, with dense undergrowth and bushes that can easily be 5-6 feet tall. They are tinder dry, so you can imagine what happens when fire hits them.