Thailand coup

Is it not contradictory that a miitary coup in Thailand was done supposedly in support democracy? It sure seems contradictory to me, yet the populace mostly appears to support it, as there’sbeen no street protests, no media outrage. Of course, maybe with tanks in the streets, they wouldn’t dare. The US is waffling, saying they don’t support the coup yet isn’t calling for the PM to be reinstated. Not that the internal affairs of another nation is any of their business in the first place.

Will the military really give up power in two weeks, as they’ve promised? That’ll be the tell. Also, the miltary will appoint someone to be PM. Will he continue the reforms that have been implemented or be the poodle for ‘free trade?’ Lenin’s Tomb thinks the latter.

Update: The military is now saying they will stay in charge for a year regardless of who they appoint to run the caretaker government. So much for any pretense of democracy.